Casey Mitchell Photography | About
I was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska. Although I have always had an interest in photography I never truly pursued it until 2012 when my stepfather, an amazing photographer, encouraged me to buy my first DSLR. Since that time I have studied, learned and been lucky enough to meet so many great artists and photographers from all over the country. I truly consider myself an amateur and continue to learn everyday. As a photographer my passion is the outdoors and landscapes. I am in complete awe when I am looking at the varying clouds in the sky, watching the sunrise, or am out capturing a sunset. I find the most inspiration when driving around the country roads looking for that perfect viewpoint. When I’m exploring to capture it, this is as good at it gets and brings me real relaxation. I enjoy using HDR to capture the true essence of nature’s color. In conclusion the biggest reward in my work has been the idea that many of my favorite photos bring happiness to people and when they are displayed in their homes, it brings them memories of the good life of Nebraska.